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Optional babel

Configure the default babel preset

Optional banner

banner: Banner

Insert a copyright message to the top of output bundle.

Optional bundleNodeModules

bundleNodeModules: boolean | string[]

Include node modules in the bundle. Note that this is always true for UMD bundle.



Optional env

env: Env

Define env variables that are only available in your library code. i.e. if you have some code like this in your library.

if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') {

And you can run following command to replace the env variable:

bili --env.NODE_ENV production

By default we don't add any env variables.


--env.<name> value

Optional extendConfig

extendConfig: ExtendConfig

Extending Bili config

Optional extendRollupConfig

extendRollupConfig: ExtendRollupConfig

Extending generated rollup config

Optional externals

externals: Externals

When inlining node modules You can use this option to exclude specific modules

Optional globals

globals: undefined | object

Specifies moduleId: variableName pairs necessary for external imports in umd/iife bundles. For example, in a case like this...

import $ from 'jquery'

...you can map the jquery module ID to the global $ variable:

// bili.config.js
export default {
  globals: {
    jquery: '$'

--global.<moduleId> <variableName

Optional input

input: string | ConfigEntryObject | Array<ConfigEntryObject | string>

Input files




bili [...input]

Optional output

output: ConfigOutput

Optional plugins

plugins: undefined | object

Use Rollup plugins

// bili.config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: {
    svelte: {
     // Any options for rollup-plugin-svelte

You can also use CLI flags to add plugins, e.g.

bili --plugin.svelte
# with option
bili --plugin.svelte.foo bar
# Same as using `svelte: { foo: 'bar' }` in config file

--plugin.<name> [option]

Optional resolvePlugins

resolvePlugins: undefined | object

Defines how to resolve a plugin by name This will override the default behavior e.g.

  resolvePlugins: {
    replace: require('./my-fork-of-rollup-plugin-replace')


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